Albemarle, North Carolina

Albemarle is a medley of Carolina culture. Located between two urban hotspots, Charlotte and Greensboro, this quaint southern town is a gem rich with adventure and heritage.

Known for its eye-catching curb appeal, Albemarle’s natural beauty offers the perfect escape for a nature-loving thrill-seeker. Camping, hiking, kayaking, and picnicking offer few examples of Albemarle’s natural charms and, because of its convenient location, the list doesn’t end there. With the easy distance to either Charlotte or Greensboro, Albemarle captures the essence of city life without sacrificing the small-town atmosphere.

Likewise, for the history buff, Albemarle presents a perfect mix of Carolina legacy and American history. Dating back to early Native American settlements, Albemarle had roots in America before it was even a glimmer in colonists’ eyes. As a result, in 1663, when King Charles II granted proprietors the province of Carolina for colonization, Albemarle still retained some of its tribal origins. Even when it was named after the Duke of Albemarle, George Monck, and overtaken by European immigrants, the love for natural beauty remained a strong facet in the Albemarle community.

True to any growing southern town, the cotton king eventually reigned in Albemarle, both as a crop and as a textile. Today, the local economy still thrives on this birthright. With companies like IAC, Preformed Line Products, Masterpiece Housing and Gentry Mills as major employers in the Albemarle area, it is no surprise that the history of Albemarle is so prevalent in the lives of its residents.

For this reason, the National Trust for Historic Preservation coined thriving Albemarle a National Main Street City, recognizing it for its historical conversation while also commending its push toward the future. Furbished with historical character and affable locals, this trending town is the heartthrob of North Carolina living.

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